Moving nx block in metro availability between two sites

  • 18 November 2016
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I've implemented the metro availability between two sites.
I've to shut down nx block for moving it in another site.
Have I stop the metro availability? Have you got a procedure?


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Hi Flavio77

I'm not sure if we have an official procedure but at a minimum I would disable metro availability. I assume your active protection domains will reside in the block that stays powered on and isn't moved. If your vm availability setting is at automatic, Metro will disable on its own anyway. If it's set to manual, then writes will not proceed if the other cluster is not available, I doubt you'd want that behavior during the move.

The other thing I might do is to take a snapshot of the metro protection domains before doing the disable. The snapshot will be used as a reference point to ensure incremental resync for when you re-enable after the move. The snapshots are taken regularly (depending on your AOS version once every 1 hr or 4 hrs). So if you havnen't had significant changes within the last few hours the manual snapshot won't be necessary.

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Hi Mike,You are in right.I haven't the VM availability set in automatic and when I've stopped the cluster in the remote site the primary went in protection and all VMs and services were not-responding.So your procedure is correct and I summarize it:If you have the VM availability set to manual and you want to have the services active.1- move all VMs on the primary site (or which remain active)2- disable replica in all protection domain on the primary site (or which remain active)3- stop cluster in the remote site4- enter all hypervisor of the remote site in maintainance mode5- shutdown all CVM of the remote site6- shutdown all hypervisor of the remote site.Please integrated or amend the scheme if you deem it appropriate