Moving from Vcenter 55 to 6 howto for nutanix?

  • 25 May 2016
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I have two nutanix clusters both are using Dswitches. We have a widows based Vcenter 5.5
I want to move the VCVA 6 What is the best method to move my nutanix clusters to the new vcenter?

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Having this intertwined with DVS is tricky for any vCenter move, nutanix or not.

I'd start by dropping DVS entirely, back to VSS in the existing environment.

then, from there, you can just "pull" the hosts into the VCSA 6.x environment by doing a connect host in a new cluster (that part is easy)

Then you would have to remake a new DVS, and then move the environment fully back to DVS.

Should be able to do this non-disruptively, assuming you're not using LACP bonding on the physical network.

Either way, I'd recommend opening a support ticket with Nutanix just as a CYA