Move VM From AHV to ESX

  • 21 October 2016
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Can I move any VM from AHV 4.7 to ESX 5.5. is it possible?

Best answer by Jon 21 October 2016, 18:08

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4 replies

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Yea, its possible, it takes a little doing.

What's your use case? Do you want to pull something you have set up in CE to ESXi? or some other configuration?
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Hi Jon,
Thnaks for your reply. I'm not using CE, I'm using pro edt. I move a lot of VM esx to AHV but our customer asking to me it. He has a prepared VM on AHV cluster and want use as a tepmlate vm on another traditional ESX cluster. I'm not sure if it's working I export vm from AHV and import again to ESX.

Have you tried before? is it true way?
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Ok, I'll move this to the right forum in a minute, no worries.

Short answer is Yes, there is a way to do it for AHV to a non-Nutanix ESX cluster.

It is an unsupported procedure, but we have it documented in KB 3059. You can get a copy of that internal KB from support by submitting a support ticket on for NX or SX deployments, or submitting a ticket through your respective OEM for HX or XC.

If this was AHV > Nutanix ESX cluster, you'd have a much easier method to do this, with cross hypervisor DR.
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Hi jon,
Thanks for information. I'll try it on monday.