Move Cluster To Full-flash To Hybrid Mode

  • 11 October 2020
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Hello Team,

Is it possible to transform a full-flash cluster to an hybrid one without losing data? (third party platform).

Licenses should not be upgraded because SSD space would not change but the necessary SAS disks would be added to add extra cold data space


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Yes, that should work. If you have free slots for the HDDs, just insert the new HDDs into the nodes and then add the disks in Prism. If you want to replace the SSDs with HDDs, the best way is to remove the node from the cluster, then replace the disks, then add the node back and do the same for all nodes.

Please note that 1:2 SSD to HDD ratio is the minimum requirement in such case. It might work with worse ration, but you may get performance issues.


Hi Sergei,

I asked because the topic was never fully covered, I found only a topic that explained how to replace HDDs with bigger ones, if I recall well. I don’t want to try in a production environment, it’s more like a lab experiment. 

I’m not planning to replace the SSDs, just add new HDDs disks in the emply slots, moving from from full flash to hybrid. Do you think that I should remove a node to add disks or should be possible to hot plug and then add them in Prism?

Ratio in my hardware setup would be 2 SSD for 4 HDDs  for every node

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If it’s only disk addition, you can go ahead and hot plug them and then add them in Prism.

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Nutanix currently does not support adding HDDs to all-flash nodes. That can be potentially dangerous and may lead to unpredicted issues.

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