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  • 25 August 2016
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Hey all!

Just got my 3 node monster Nutanix box up and running and LOVE it!

Quick theoretical question though:

I blew through my budget on this box, and would LOVE to have a DR setup somewhere else in the building (to combat fire, flood, earthquake, etc.)

Could I take some spare hardware lying around, and as long as it meets the specs needed, install the CE version, and make that the DR for my existing paid for version of Nutanix?

I've gotten mixed answers from various people is why I ask. Thanks in advance!

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4 replies

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Glad to hear things are going well.

What are you running on the paid side? Is it anything you actually care about? If so, running DR to an unsupported system could be a RGE, so this is my blanket CYA for you.

That said, it "should" work. Whether its a good idea (above) is a layer 8 question
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Thanks for that!

I think it basically boils down to my natural fear of wanting a backup of the vm's to another box, whether that be a NAS, etc, just in case. 🙂 I even looked at doing an Rsync over SSH, but found that wasn't going to be a realistic idea.

I looked into CommVault, but their pricing was almost laughable. They wanted $1,500 per cpu socket, and with 3 nodes, x 2 sockets, I couldn't justify $9,000 for backup software.

I looked at Amazon AWS, but need to get a bit more information on that one before I take that leap.

I guess I'll keep looking, or hound my Veeam guys to support Nutanix. 🙂
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I moved this thread to the commercial forum.

I'd appreciate you pinging Veeam for AHV support. The more voices of real customers who want and need the functionality, the better.

AWS would be a good route, but keep in mind, thats not gree either, and depending on your financial models, could end up costing a non trivial amount of money. Any sort of BACKUP TO CLOUD stuff also has an impact on RTO, so if something did go wrong, how quickly you can download the data back to production to get it going. Think about internet/wan limitiations (typical).

YEa, backup to NAS or Rsync wont be graceful, and never has been in the virtual world on any platform.

Veeam/CVLT would be great, but they aren't free for sure.

If you'd like, we can talk about some upcoming stuff that we're going to be releasing that will make this easier, can't talk about it in the public forum.

Email me at
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Yeah that'd be great!