Migration from "Legacy" ESX to Nutanix ESX

  • 9 September 2016
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I have an existing VMware install using a storage array. I have a three node Nutanix cluster that i'll be migrating to.
I've read through some of the solutions offered and i have an additional question.

When i migrate my VM's using vmotion from the legacy platform, do i have to make a decision to which host on the Nutanix side the VM will reside and if so, do i have to think about balancing out my VM's across the three hosts?

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3 replies

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Do you have VMware DRS enabled on the vSphere cluster in vCenter, for the Nutanix nodes?If so, no, you don't have to pick anything. Just vMotion them to the cluster object, and vCenter DRS will sort it out. You can set that to fully automated DRS, we support that no problem
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Also, a side note, for the sake of transfer parallelism, if you're using the shared nothing vMotion feature in vSphere 5.1 and higher, which is strongly recommend you do in the majority oft migration situations, you can basically round robin through the hosts, so that each host is processing a migration in parallel.
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Fantastic. Thanks Jon for both your responses.