Is the failover NIC on NX Nodes 1G or 10G?

  • 19 August 2022
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I have a few NX G8 nodes I want to install and configure, however the ToR Switches currently available are 1G switches (I have ordered 10G switches but they are late). I have a few questions

  1. In the pink circle above, the left port is Shared IPMI (10G) and the right one is its failover (as I’ve seen in NX Hardware specifications), however the speed for Failover port is not specified. Does any one know whether it’s 10G or 1G? And it is activated by default or should I go into BIOS Setup and activate the port during boot?
  2. My idea is to use this Failover port for Nutanix imaging and subsequently use it for CVM, Host and User VM traffic (temporarily). Has anyone tried this before? Any issues during Foundation imaging? I’m aware there will be performance issues when it comes to AHV/CVM services running as well as VM performance.


Thanks everyone in advance!

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