IPMItool Full Duplex Command

  • 4 October 2014
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Hello -

Does anyone know if there is an IPMItool command to set the interface to 100MB full duplex? Is this option to change it even available?

We are having some IPMI issue where connectivity drops every so often. We are working with networking to check their side, and we've done various things to test/isolate the issue. On the network switch side, the ports have been configured to 100MB from 1GgE.

One suggestion that came up from networking is to set the IPMI interface to 100MB full duplex.

Thank you.

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4 replies

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Have you verified the integrity of your physical cabling? Unless the switchports are misconfigured or not configured for autonegotiation, the only common thing that would muck up autonegotiation of 100MB Full Duplex is physical fault along the cabling. Beyond that, if you really want to force Full Duplex you might be able to find some command documenatation by googling for Super Micro IPMI Command Line references as that is what your OEM IPMI actually is. Rough googling got me to this Super Micro KB, but it may or may not be relevant depending on your IPMI firmware revision:
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The IPMI is only 100 MB/s. Though you can use the stand-by nic which is 1 GB/s.

You can try running this via the command line

/ipmitool lan print 1
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BTW auto is the recommend for IPMI
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Hello All -

Thank you for all the replies. Much appreciated.

It turned out that the ports were hard coded to run at 100. Switching them to auto negotiate resolved the problem.

DLINK7 - you were right on the money!!! Thanks.