Integrate the Nutanix cluster with SolarWinds

  • 21 September 2023
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The Problem
We need to integrate the Nutanix cluster with  SolarWinds  to view the VMs - compatible /supported - data ( VM names, VM IPs,…) in the SolarWinds GUI.


Get the basic VM management actions as per Nutanix document  AOS ( 6.5)

Host and Guest VM availability, fault and performance monitoring and alerting:
    * CPU/Memory/Network statistics
     * Storage statistics
     * Basic VM management actions


supported Nutanix versions


•    We have generated a new SSL.
•    We have tried to add the cluster using the Prism Central (PC) , could not login.

Current status
1)    The Nutanix Prism Element (PE) can be seen under the SolarWinds

Single cluster 
Single PC

Other links we have checked 




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2 replies

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Whats the error you are getting , just the authentication error or anything else?

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Hi @qamarabbas 🙂,

Regarding the PC attempt , yest it is an authentication problem , and the PC IP(x.x.x.120) was resolved in the SolarWinds GUI as the PE (x.x.x.116) I am checking in to it , the cluster was added using PE IP, still listed;we can see the HW side fans,… from the SolarWinds GUI only for the time being.