Installation of ce-2020.09.16.iso results in hdparm error

  • 21 November 2020
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When installing ce-2020.09.16.iso, I get an error about: hdparm

StandardError Failed Command [hdparm -z /dev/sda] with reason [BLKRRPART Device or resource busy]

My config is as follows: 

 - Intel PC (Optiplex 9020) 

 - USB disk with the .iso to boot from

 - A single Harddisk to do the installation on

This is reproducable on an Intel-NUC, exact the same issue..

Now, I add an additional Harddisk (two HDs and one USB). Note that both HD’s are not carrying any nutanix data, format or whatsoever.  

After the boot I get a different error:

Phoenix: ISO is already mounted

FATAL: Couldn’t find a hypervisor and an AOS installed, please package phoenix with a hypervisor and a AOS.  Please refer to Nutanix support portal for more information about this.

My questions:

Why do I get an hdparm error in the first place.


When adding a disk, apparently to get around the hdparm error, I suppose that the ce-2020.09.16.iso supposed to provide me the hypervisor and all this.

Not sure if the hdparm error is related. 

Furthermore, the document Nutanix-Community-Edition-Getting-Started.pdf describes an installation using a ce.img, while the latest version is an .iso file. I get the impression that this document is not up to date.


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Hello Dirk,

There is a discussion about the same issue on the Next community. Can you please check the below link:

Else Search for “Attempting initial installation receive error: An error occurred while trying to illuminate the chassis LED“ post on next community.


Chaitrali Deshpande