if nutanix have its own replication method to dr site what is the use of vmware srm.?

  • 28 June 2015
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in the vsphere administrative guide its mentioned to use vmware SRM along with nutanix SRA for the remote replication.if nutanix have its own replication method what is the significance of SRM?

Thanks in adance.


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SRM is an orchestration tool - it allows you to specify the order in which you want things to fail over and power on/off, and it also enables you to specify scripting choices like IP changes and the like. The SRA plugin enables Nutanix to be the underlying replication layer while SRM sits on top orchestrating the failover process with a much higher degree of control.

I think SRA also enables you to have shorter snapshot windows - 30 minutes instead of the Nutanix DR 60 minute window, but that could be a foggy inaccurate memory.
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Hi ,
Thanks for your kind reply.Actually my understanding about SRM was wrong now i am clear from your reply that SRM is Orchestration actually which method we need to use

SRA+SRM or Veeam backup and replication in nutanix.which is the best method.?

Ritchie James
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I think that answer would depend on your use case - are you trying to achieve a cheaper off-site backup, or a rapidly orchestrated failover to a secondary site with minimal downtime?
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SRM will not change the snapshot time. You are still limited to the native nutanix snapshot increments.

SRM is also really nice for the use of DR testing. You can click the test button in SRM and it will simulate a failover without actually downing your running prod VMs.

It will put all recovered VMs in a private non-uplinked network so you dont have IP issues or same computer on the network issues.

I think this is the #1 feature of SRM.

One big issue with SRM is that it was created for use with block storage, so all of our per VM replication is thrown out the window with SRM. You will need to organize your SRM policys by placing the correct VM's into specific datastores.

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Are there any darts being thrown at the wall with regards to shortening the minimum snapshot interval below 60 minutes? Or, at least, any that you can speak about in public spaces?
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We are always trying to improve the product, and this has been an area that we want to improve on. You will see a semi sync as some point.

So it will attempt to send bits over to secondary site asap but not require an "ack" like sync would.

I will leave it at that 🙂

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i dont have knowledge about both scenarios .can you please explain which method need to be used for both scenarios?.thanks in advance

as per my knowledge veeam is more cheaper and have the ability of srm .i dont know whether i am right.

ritchie james