hyper-v cluster conversion

  • 10 March 2020
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We are running a nutanix cluster with Hyper-v.

this was the worst thing we could do when we started with nutanix. We know that now.

But my main question is, is there a way of getting this cluster converted to AHV?


It's a Dell XC cluster with 2 blocks and 5 nodes.



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4 replies

You can’t convert. You have to rebuild the entire cluster. *99% sure

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i was afraid of that allready.

But had still hope because there is a convert between esx and ahv

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Hyper-V VMs can be imported to an AHV cluster as described in “Transferring Virtual Disks to an AHV Cluster” but they would need an interim storage location while rebuilding the cluster to AHV.

In-place cluster conversion is between ESXi and AHV only at this time.

Keep in mind Windows VMs and some Linux VMs need installation of VirtIO drivers before moving to AHV (or during installation on AHV).

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Just to re-iterate, you can migrate your VMs from a Hyper-V cluster to an AHV cluster as Jeremy said above, provided you have a second cluster or some location temporarily. In place conversion is not available at this time.