How to change CVM name in Prism in Nutanix AHV clusters

  • 10 July 2020
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The default name of the CVM is in the below format:

NTNX-<Block serial number>-<Node position>-CVM

This is what you see as the CVM name in the PRISM. If you want to change the CVM name in your AHV cluster, then we have a script for changing this with the following limitations.

nutanix@cvm:~$ change_cvm_display_name --cvm_ip=<IP of CVM that should be renamed> --cvm_name=<new name>

The script is available in AOS - 5.10.10, 5.15 and 5.16.

  • The naming convention needs to start with “NTNX-” and end with “-CVM”,

  • Letters, numbers and “-” are supported in the CVM name,

  • CVM should be able to get a shutdown token to be turned off,

  • There will be no redirection of storage traffic to other CVMs, so make sure you have no user vms running in the AHV host - put the AHV host into maintenance mode,

  • Run the script from a different CVM than the CVM that is being re-named and make sure the SSH session is intact until the re-named CVM comes up.


For more details on the script to change the CVM name in Prism, please check here.

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