How to avoid Self Service Restore icon when feature is not enabled

  • 7 November 2019
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AOS is in 5.10.8

We need to install NGT on Windows Server 2016 with only VSS feature enabled and not SSR.

However, after installation, even though the SSR feature is not enabled, there is the SSR icon on the desktop. It can be opened and bring us to “http://localhost:5000”. I can understand that the feature is not active but I would like to avoid having it displayed on the desktop.

How to avoid to have this on the desktop ? (I’m looking for another way than deleting the icon manually after NGT installation)

What about this local web server ? Could it be stopped ?


7 replies

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Unfortunately the option to perform selective installation of NGT  is not available at this time. Same goes for the opened ports that are provisioned for the SSR feature to work.


Hi, @Infomil  @Alona 

I have a same question, even thogh I unchecked “SSR” option at the “Manage VM Guest Tools” window, the SSR is installed to Guest OS. (Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10)

@Infomil asked almost a year ago. and my AOS version is 5.15.

Is my question based on the same reason as @Alona ‘s  answer?
(The option selectable function is not work still now?)


Thank you for read my question!

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The behaviour has not changed. Unchecking the SSR option will not enable it for the VM but the SSR will still be installed as part of the NGT package.


Hi, @Alona 

Thank you for your reply.
So I understand SSR option is not for select the function to install (SSR), but affect only enable/disable SSR on the guest OS.
Is my understanging right?


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Yes, you are correct :)



Thanks for your reply!

I got it!


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@Syncra Glad it was helpful:)