How do you remove an Objects store?

  • 13 September 2019
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So, on a dev cluster with Prism Central I created a Proof-of-Concept Nutanix Objects "Store".

I did some experimentation (spotted a few problems with the deployment) and then decided I wanted to remove the store.

First off I tried to delete the bucket, and was told "You need to delete all versions first": grr! Went and deleted all objects, but this wasn't enough, as versioning was enabled. So, turned version lifespan down to 1 day, and waited 24 hours.

Great, now I could delete the bucket - however, I can't find any option to delete the store. So, I'm stuck with the (in my mind, greedy) VMs the deployment created, as I can't even go behind it's back and do anything with the VMs, as they're "special", just like the hidden Calm project which is used to deploy the store.

All in all, not very impressed on first experiences...

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Oh, by the way, deploying the object store took an astonishing amount of time, which didn't inspire confidence in Objects/Calm...
It turns out the answer is: "Have Support copy a tool into your path, run a bunch of commands on Prism Central and the master Objects VM, and then delete various storage objects from your cluster afterwards".

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If its 1.1 or later then you will have an option to delete failed deployment 

Log on to the Prism Central web console, and click the Entity menu > Services > Objects. 2. In the Object Store table, select the failed object store which you want to delete, and then click Delete.

Conditions are 


Failed deployments can be deleted from UI.

● Empty Objects cluster (0 buckets) can be deleted from UI.

● Primary Objects cluster cannot be deleted if there are other Objects cluster.

● Primary Objects cluster can be deleted only if all other Objects cluster were deleted.

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Guide on how to do this Objects User Guide v2.2: Deleting an Object Store

The list of known issues, however, mentions “You will not be able to delete the primary object store (first object store created) as it hosts the IAM service.” If you were attempting to delete the primary object store then that would explain why Support had to do some magic on the cluster.

We are sorry you had a less than ideal experience. There is continuous work in progress on all aspects of Nutanix product family. I hope you will try it again in the future with a far more satisfying outcome.