Helpful Upgrade Guide to Esxi 5.5

  • 19 April 2014
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Nice little Guide to upgrade Esxi to version 5.5

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So my upgrade from esxi 5.0 U3 to esxi 5.5 did work different like johnsonclaires guide
1 + 2 like described
3.) for i in `hostips`; do echo $i && ssh root@$i "esxcli software vib install -d /FILEPATH TO OFFLINE BUNDLE"; done
4.) like described
5.) Set host in maintaince mode
6.) Reboot esxi server
7.) After reboot reconnect esxi server
8.) CVM is listed as unkown and unkown1 vm. The local nfs datastore is not available
9.) Read on the Nutanix Operation Guide 3.5 and fixed it
10.) ls -ld /altbootbank/Nutanix /altbootbank/svmboot.tar.gzIf /altbootbank/Nutanix or /altbootbank/svmboot.tar.gzexist, move it to /bootbank. Otherwise,proceed to the next /altbootbank/Nutanix /bootbankmv /altbootbank/svmboot.tar.gz /bootbankc. Remove the pynfs VIB.excli software vib remove -n pynfs -f
-> nothing happen (Seems to be only valid for 5.1 and 5.5 , not 5.0)Save the host configuration./sbin/
Kown this is the import part which brings the local nfs datastore back
Configure the local NFS serverCheck the -ld /bootbank/Nutanix /altbootbank/Nutanixls -ld /bootbank/svmboot.tar.gz /altbootbank/svmboot.tar.gzIf these files or directories do not exist, restore the backup that you made before the upgrade to /bootbank. As I did no backup of this files, this can be copied from an other nutanix esxi host.
Copy the pynfs VIB file from your temporary download location to /var/tmp on the host aspynfs.vib.Install the plugin.esxcli software vib install -v /var/tmp/pynfs.vib -f
Now remove from vcenter the unkown and unkown1 vm and reregister the CVM.
Now the local datastore is back.
Then do what is described on page 102 -105 in the NOS Operation guide.
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Perfect another Guide
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Good info, Meistermn. Much of this is now covered in the Platform Administration guide, chapter 9. We've recently moved the vSphere upgrade procedure from the upgrade guides to the Platform Administration guide. There are procedural improvements and product specific procedures discussed as well.
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I apologize for bringing this post back up, just wanted to update the link referenced above. My write-up on the 5.1 to 5.5 upgrade is here.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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Thanks for sharing @whiskykilo