Foundation 4.3 VM OVF/VMDK Files?

  • 19 March 2019
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Looks like the Foundation VM OVF/VMDK files are no longer available from Portal > Downloads > Foundation. Anyone know where they are hosted now? I have a remote bare metal installation scheduled and I'm dead in the water. Even the Foundation 4.3 Field Installation Manual released less than a month ago still references downloading the VM OVF/VMDK files from the portal where they don't seem to exist anymore.

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Hi @VWBug5000,

I just checked the portal and files are there with the following name: Foundation_VM-4.3.2.tar. Please, make sure that you are logged with a partner account, since I believe the Foundation VM is available only for Nutanix employees and partners.

If you are partner and is still unable to find it, do not hesitate in open a support ticket.