Expand 1 node cluster

  • 3 September 2021
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Hi everybody,

In this moment, I have a 1-node cluster AHV, but in a few months this cluster will be expand could be with 1 or 2 nodes more.

May I expand to 2-nodes cluster? If it is possible Is necessary a witness VM?

If I have the opportunity, I think buy other 2 nodes, I think that I will not have issue expand from 1-node to 3-nodes cluster. Are I right?

What do your recommend in both scenarios?

2 replies

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Hi @Ivan_lopez 

You can only expand one node cluster two node cluster. Because the architecture is different between one/two node cluster and normal three node + cluster.

When the time comes to expand more than two nodes, you may need to move out all VMs then distroy cluster and build it again with three nodes.

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@Ivan_lopez No, a single-node or two-node cluster cannot be expanded later on. So if you have a single node cluster currently, it cannot be expanded to a 2 node or 3+ node cluster. Kindly refer to KB-5943 for more details on it. 

Cluster expansion is only allowed for clusters which had 3 or more than 3 nodes in the cluster when the cluster was initially created.