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  • 8 December 2016
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Where do you put the ESXi ISO files so they show up in Foundation hypervisor list?
Also, is this considered a bare metal install?
Also, if using Foundation, where is a good guide for installing using ESXi as the Hypervisor (Field guide not much help).


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5 replies

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I do not know what kinds of Foundation you are using but I assume that it is Foundation VM (there is Foundation CVM installation out there you can try and it is quite safe from failed installation as well as easier to use)

In Foundation VM, the ESXi iso files should be put in the foundation/isos/esxi folder so that the Foundation process is able to "see" them

You can think of Foundation as an automatically Phoenix installation and the progress should be a full hypervisor onto hardware based and CVM is created after that

Currently, only "Field installation Guide" is a only solution how to install and troubleshoot with Foundation
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We're happy to take feedback on the field install guide and other documentation, can you be more specific at where you see gaps?
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JoanwhitFor hypervisor iso folder go to /home/nutanix/foundation/isos/hypervisor
put your ESXi iso on /home/nutanix/foundation/isos/hypervisor/esx
Bare metal installation is utlizing IPMI MAC address rather than CVM discovery
All you needs clearly describe on Field Installation Guide
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Hi guys, I actually did find the answer after I posted bad. And I remembered it from Boot camp! I apologize for the oversight. I did not mean to insinuate that the documentation was lacking when the answers WERE there, which I not only found after the post, but then embarressingly remembered from boot camp. I apologize again.
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It's actually the Guide in the latest Kit -the customer deliverable - that has a list of links in it that are not reachable when you click on them. Sorry for the confision!