Enable Compression on an existing container

  • 1 July 2015
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Hello,is it possible to enable compression on an existing container?What will happen to the data already written?We want to enable post-process compression, so I hope the Curator MapReduce framework will compress all data concerned.Can somebody please confirm or correct?thanks in advance!W.

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3 replies

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You can enable inline and post-process compression on an existing container. Follow this page from the help docs, and you will find the compression settings under "advanced settings" on the update screen:


Once you enable inline it will take affect immediately, and once you enable post-process it will go back and compress already existing data once curator runs after your specified time delay. Please keep in mind that you may not be licensed for post-process compression, as it requires at least Pro licenses on your cluster.
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Thanks for your reply. Another question arises concerning this topic; can I activate compression on only one side of a synchorous protected container?(metro availability)
Thanks again.
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They are independent of each other so that should be just fine.

I dont understand why you would only do it on one side and not the other though 🙂