Deploy an OVF/OVA appliance on Nutanix

  • 2 April 2015
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Hi All,

I'm a Nutanix KVM user and I would like to know how I can deploy a virtual appliance provided by a third party company.

In vmware you can deploy a template, in KVM you can import a new VM ... what about Nutanix / Acropolis ?



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6 replies

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Thanks for the question - @flhoest - @cbrown any thoughts on this?
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I know there are very few Acropolis users so far ... but the community will certainly grow very quick.
So far I'm very happy with this package, this is a great improvement wrt the speed of deployment compared to a bare metal massive server with CentOS on it.

This is the reason why I would like to migrate all my existing KVM/vmware VMs to this platform ;)

Thanks for the support.


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For existing KVM VMs, we have a simple process to introduce those legacy (pre NOS 4.1) VMs to Acropolis.
Legacy VMs and Acropolis managed VMs show up in Prism, but we can only edit the Acropolis managed VMs in the Prism interface.

To import the VM in to acropolis, the import_vm utility is used. It is not necessary to power off the VM.
Check the following doc:
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Dear all,

Is there any update on that topic ? I guess there are numerous of ne ways since latest asterisk release date is coming ?
I'm actually in a process of deploying two OVA but still no clue how to do it. The procedure attached upper does not exist anymore on the Nutanix website :(

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try unpacking the OVA file. I contains the VM files, like VHDX, VMDK.
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Untar your OVA file
Get the flat-vmdk file
Upload through image service from Prism
Create your vm and mount the disk through ADFS clone