Cisco Switch for small deployment - which one to use ?

  • 17 July 2021
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I´m new in this forum. In fact I´m new in the Nutanix world.


We currently have a traditional VMWARE cluster with traditional FC SAN Storage and Catalyst 3850 switches (7 servers).

We are planning to replace it with a brand new solution based on NUTANIX (with 6 nodes or so) but using VMWARE as hypervisor.


The question that arise are:

  1. We need to install 2 new “top of the rack” switches for NUTANIX connections. If using Cisco (and taking into account our proposed cluster size) which one could we use ? I mean, Catalyst 9300 are ok ? Or they have to be the more expensive Nexus ?  To reduce initial costs we are planning to keep the Cat 3850 to act as coreswitch and also because we need to conect other devices, but we need to ones for the new nodes.
  2. Our current VMWARE Servers have 2 x 10G connection for DATA/VEEAM BK and 2 x 1G for vSphere MGMT/vMotion. In order to cope with data traffic but also with “disk sinc” traffic, should we provide the new nodes with  4 x 10G (2 for DATA/veeam BK and 2 for NUTANIX/VMWARE traffic) or just set 2 x 25G or let it in 2 x 10G ?

I would appreciate your help !!

Thanks you !!


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