Can't install NX G6 AOS 5.10 version?

  • 16 March 2023
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The NX G6 demo equipment is currently updated with the latest firmware. If you try to install version 5.10 to test the AOS upgrade with the latest version of the foundation, the 4. foundation version will not mount, and the 5. latest foundation version will not configure CVM after rebooting after installation and installation will fail. Is it like this originally?

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5 replies

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That seems pretty odd, I know people using G6 kit old and new no problem.

Can you share some logs from Foundation?





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Here is the log that came out when using Foundation 4.6.3. When installing with the most recent foundation, there is no response after rebooting after installation. In other words, after installation, CVM cannot be configured and the installation fails.



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The log is long, so I keep getting an error, so I'm attaching a screenshot.


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Your foundation seems to have issues with BMC(IPMI) access.
Issues with accessing the BMC will cause issues with the hypervisor installation and CVM installation from Foundation.

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I did not attach a screenshot using the latest foundation here, but when installing with the latest foundation, the installation proceeds normally, but after the last reboot, KVM cannot configure CVM and falls to FAIL.
Is this not installing because of some problem other than BMC?