Calm on ESXi Deployment

  • 10 January 2022
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Calm on ESXi 3 Tier (Calm VM) is a standalone VM that you can deploy on ESXi hypervisors and leverage calm functionality without the Nutanix infrastructure.

You can deploy Calm using the image available on the Nutanix Support Portal - Downloads page and start managing your applications across a variety of cloud platforms. This eliminates the need for buying Nutanix infrastructure to use Calm.


  • Supported ESXi versions: 6.0.0 and 6.7 (vCenter version 6.7)

  • Scale-out of Calm VM is not supported.

  • Calm Version is

  • Policy engine enablement is not supported

There are two available options.

  • Deploying Calm using vSphere web-client

  • Deploying Calm using vSphere cli.


1. Deploying Calm using vSphere web-client:

  • Log on to the vSphere web client.

  • Click the cluster on which you want to deploy the Calm VM.


3. Click Actions > Deploy OVF Template.

The Deploy OVF Template window appears.


4. In the Deploy OVF Template window, do the following.

  • Click the Local File option to browse and upload the OVF file from your local machine.
    Go to Nutanix Support Portal - Downloads and download the OVF file.

  • Click Next and select the cluster where you want to deploy the Calm VM.

  • Click Next and configure the storage and networks for the VM. Then, click Finish.

The system starts importing and deploying the file on the selected VMware cluster. After the deployment is complete, the Calm VM needs to be powered on.


2. Deploying Calm using vsphere cli

  1. Login to the SSH client.
    Note: Make sure that you have installed the govc libraries.

  2. Run the following command.
    govc import.ova -name 5.17.1-prismcentral -

  3. If you have downloaded the OVF file in your machine, replace with the location of the OVF file.


Executing the command starts the uploading process. Once the uploading is complete, go to the vSphere web client to power on the Calm VM.


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