BMC firmware version is outdated - how to update the BMC firmware?

  • 25 November 2015
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Hi all,

Our nutanix has been running for a little bit more than 2 years now. Due to changes in our work environment (and the fact that our 3050 nodes started on NOS 3.5) we decided to use the opportunity to perform a field install, and do the upgrade to nos 4.5.
We were getting the BMC error for a little while (since we were on nos 4.x).
The reimage proces went perfectly but, and I was sure that during the reimage the BMC firmware should have been update, this was not the case. BMC firmware is still version 1.87. NCC is giving us warnings about that. I searched the site, but I can't find the BMC firmware files.
Do I need to go get them from the supermicro site (not fond if doing things that way), or is there a nutanix link to the most recent BMC firmware? Some pointers in the right direction would be appreciated

Thank you very much
kind regards

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After posting the article, all pieces fell together
Problem solved :)
(KB 1724 helped, a lot 🙂 )