assign gpu on vm

  • 23 November 2020
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When you open the console window after assigning the GPU to the vm as Passthrough and turning it on, "guest has not initialized the display" appears.

When changing to uefi -> bios legacy, the console screen is displayed. What is the difference and is there a way to do it in uefi environment?

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3 replies

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Hi hyoung ho,


Could you please share versions of the AHV and AOS?

Does the VM work in UEFI without the GPU?

What is the Guest OS and version?

Also, is it possible that the GPU card is not UEFI ready?

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I'm sorry.
I think the console couldn't output because gpu is not for graphics card but for computer.

graphics (Tesla T4) / computing (Tesla V100)

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At least now we know where to look for the solution :)