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  • 20 December 2016
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We are using Apache Cloudstack 4.8.0 with Vmware 5.5 to to provide IAAS services . We want to use Nutanix as underlying infrastructure Is this implementation supported ? Is there any recommendations, best practices for deployment or a reference architecture?

We also plan to have HA for a class of our vm whereas others should not be replicated. What kind of mapping between Cloudstack and Vmware organisation units, and Nutnaix Protections domains strategies should we have to achieve this goal.

If none of the above is supported is Apache Cloudstack in Nutanix roadmap on Vmware or AHV ?

Thank you in advance

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Nutanix would simply be a resource unit to CloudStack, via vCenter, so CloudStack would see a vSphere cluster with hosts and datastores, and provision VM's like it currently does.

To leverage per-VM replication (or per app replication) using Protection Domains in Nutanix, you'd need to have some script or custom call from CloudStack to the Nutanix clusters to set that up.

There is possibility to configure replication at an entire datastore layer via ncli vstore protect, so you could provision VM's as replicated and non-Replicated on a per-datastore layer. That would be similar to what you'd do on a traditional storage array.
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Hi Nabil

If we were to look at releasing a plugin for Cloudstack it would most likely be on our AHV hypervisor intially. If this is something you are interested in trying then we would need to add your company details and the size of deployment you envisage to any futrure feature request details.

Let me know if this is of interest and provide us the above information + anything else you think might be relevant. I cant give you timescales for any of this but adding more info to the feature request helps with scheduling and resourcing of such work.

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Thank you Jon, I appreciate your help.