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  • 19 February 2021
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I have a cluster of 6 nodes including 3 nodes 1065-G5 and 3 other nodes 1065-G6 which run a hyper-v.

I wanted to update from Aos 5.10.5 to 5.17.1 through LCM but I am having issues with the processors.

I therefore want to proceed node by node in maintenace mode.

Can you give me the procedure for updating the aos by proceeding by this method?


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Unfortunately, AOS upgrade via LCM cannot be applied per-node basis. Whenever you initiate an AOS upgrade, it automatically gets applied for all nodes present in the cluster and the AOS upgrade order (as to which node will be updated first) cannot be controlled for it. 

A point to note here is that AOS upgrade is a rolling upgrade of only the CVMs while the cluster is up. Hypervisor is not restarted during AOS upgrade and so no User VMs are migrated from the hypervisor during AOS upgrades. Refer to the following guide for more details about AOS upgrade workflow -

When you mentioned about the issues with processor, I assume you meant the different CPU processor type present on your 1065-G5 nodes versus to your 1065-G6 nodes. Kindly let me know if I misunderstood. Since no user VM migration happens during AOS upgrades,  I don’t believe different CPU types present on your G5 and G6 nodes should stop you from doing AOS upgrades.