AHV LACP - bonding or link aggregation

  • 23 October 2019
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While much is shared and posted about LACP configuration in AOS* the questions “How?” remains open. Let’s take a look at the workflow:

  1. Connect to CVM via SSH. Make sure you are connected to correct CVM by checking its name and IP.
  2. Follow steps from KB 2852 to verify cluster health. Do not proceed if cluster cannot tolerate failure of at least 1 node.
  3. Put the node and CVM in the maintenance mode.
  4. Connect to host via IPMI, as LACP configuration process might cause network disconnect.
  5. Perform required configuration steps (enable/disable LACP).
  6. Once configuration is completed, make sure both host and CVM are accessible via network. Please also make sure that all NICs in bond are operational, by shutting down links one by one and verifying connectivity.
  7. If all tests are successfully completed remove CVM and node from maintenance mode.

For detailed instructions as well as commands examples please refer to KB-3263.

For complete command reference Acropolis Command-Line Interface (aCLI).

* For more information visit below:

Network Load Balancing with Acropolis Hypervisor

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AHV Networking

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