AHV | How to select boot device for guest VM

  • 18 November 2019
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At the end of guest OS installation the VM is rebooted but it doesn't automatically boot to the vHDD. How can I set it to boot automatically from the disk with installed guest OS?


By default, AHV uses CD-ROM as the first boot device for VMs, followed by hard disk, then NIC. Please follow steps described below to override this behavior and choose a specific boot device.


Things to consider:

  • CD-ROM or hard disk can be selected as boot device in Prism UI.
  • Network adapter can only be configured as boot device via acli. Selecting NIC as boot device may be required to boot VM from PXE server.
  • Power cycle is required to apply boot device change. Resetting or rebooting VM is not enough.
  • If boot device not explicitly selected, then all VMs will try to boot from all CD-ROM devices.
  • If all CD-ROMs are empty or do not contain bootable image, then VM will only try to boot from hard disk with lowest index.
  • If VM is configured to boot from network and there is no PXE server available, VM will not try to boot from any other device.

For the exact steps on changing boot disk settings please follow to KB-4294 AHV | How to select boot device for guest VM

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