Active Directory configuration fails with "Directory config name is invalid"

  • 22 June 2015
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I cannot seem to get Active Directory authentication configured and cannot figure out why. After following the directions in the support article "Configuring Authentication" I receive the message "Directory config name is invalid". Here is what I have tried: using the IP rather than the host name, turning off the firewall on the DC, using a different AD host, trying different ports (i.e. 389 and 3268), trying a different browser (firefox and IE), specifying the full directory path (/ou=,dc=,dc=) - nothing seems to work. I just keep getting the error message "Directory config name is invalid".

I can ping the DC host from the CVM using the FQDN; firewall issues have been ruled out by turning off the firewall; the LDAP url is typed correctly. My thought is that this feature simply isn't working correctly on 4.1.3.

Has anyone else experienced problems getting AD configured properly?

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3 replies

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The error message you're getting is related to the "Name" field, which is a value intended to be a human-friendly name for your authentication profile. Do you have any spaces or strange characters in the "name" of your authentication profile?
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That is what the problem was. I had a space in the "Name" field. Once I removed the space everything worked perfectly. Thanks!
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No problem - happy authenticating!