Active Directory Authentication is slow - Takes minutes to Logon

  • 3 November 2016
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We recently had multiple Nutanix Blocks installed and I have started configuring them for Active Directory Authentication; however, logging on using AD Accounts is super slow and takes several minutes to logon.

I have configured the Authentication to IP Addresses, FQDN's and DOMAIN but all are still unacceptably slow.


For the Prism Role mapping, I have configured AD Groups and Single Users and the logon is still super slow.

There was a post about change recursive authentication to be off; however, there was no command string associated with NCLI.

Anyone experiencing this issue? Would like to know the best practice for configuration AD Authentication.

Thanks for any assistance...

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4 replies

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I'd place a small bet that recursive lookups is the problem here.

That said, send us a support ticket ( for NX or SX, your respective OEM for HX/XC) and we'll get on a WebEx with you and hammer it out.

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Thanks for the post.. I will open a case with Dell and work with them. Thanks again.
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Resolution to AD Logon Slowness (If you are experiencing)

NOTE: Do not use Nested AD Groups and only explicitly add the users to the AD Group you want grant User/Cluster/Read Roles to.

Configure Authentication Configuration:
Name: TEST
URL: ldap://

Configure Role Mapping:
Remember you can only have one ROLE Type (Viewer/User Admin/Cluster Admin) per LDAP Type)

Execute the following command on a CVM:
ncli authconfig edit-directory name=NAME group-search-type=NON_RECURSIVE directory-type=ACTIVE_DIRECTORY connection-type=LDAP directory-url=ldap://

Good Luck,
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good stuff, glad you were able to get that sorted.