Xi Infrastructure Service Administration Guide

  • 23 November 2021
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Xi Infrastructure Service

Along with the infrastructure required to support the recovery of on-prem applications, Xi Cloud Services provides the functionality that you require to run the application in the cloud until you can perform a failback. This functionality, made available as Xi Infrastructure Service, is designed to enable you to address application scaling requirements when the primary availability zone is being recovered from a disastrous event.

The configuration tasks described here are specific to Xi Cloud Services. To perform on-prem infrastructure tasks, such as VM and category management, you must continue to use the on-prem Prism Central instance. For information about these tasks, see the Prism Central Guide.

Entities Menu

The entities menu provides access to all the entities in Xi Cloud Services. An entity is an object type such as a VM, image, floating IP address, or virtual private cloud (VPC).

You can access the entities menu by clicking the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the Dashboard.

Figure. Entities Menu

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The entities menu lists entities under a group based on their type. Once you access entities listed under an entity group, you can then create and manage the entities. The following table lists all the entity groups in Xi Cloud Services and entities belonging to each group.

Entity Group


Virtual Infrastructure

Network & Security

Disaster Protection

  • Protection Policies
    See Protection Policy Management in the Leap Administration Guide for more information.

  • Recovery Plans
    See Recovery Plan Management in the Leap Administration Guide for more information.

  • VM Recovery Points
    See Manual Data Protection in the Leap Administration Guide for more information.




Availability Zones

See Pairing Availability Zones in the Leap Administration Guide for more information.


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