vSphere 8 compatibility

  • 2 February 2024
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I see ESXi 8.0 U1a “Vendor” was recently added to the compatibility matrix for HPE DX360 Gen 10 for AOS 6.7.1 and


Does this also imply that vCenter 8 is compatible with Prism (stand alone) ?

When I talked to support last year they suggested holding off on upgrading vCenter.



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I would recommend taking a look at the vSphere Administration guide as it points out a few specifics that you will want to know about running vSphere 8.

As far as vCenter is concerned, we follow the VMWare compatibility matrix, so if ESXi 8 is supported than vCenter 8 is also supported.

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My LCM shows Current Version as and Available version as

I also have Foundation Platform currently 2.14 with available version as 2.14.1


The Upgrade Paths chart seems to indicate that that I could go directly from to

Nutanix Support & Insights

The only other component below the recommended version is NCC at


Do you know if once I update Foundation Platform that LCM will give me the option to go directly to AOS


LCM won’t automatically give you the option to upgrade from an LTS release (6.5) to an STS release (6.7). But you can download the LCM Bundle at Nutanix Support & Insights and upload that file to LCM via the Direct Upload method to get rolling with the upgrade.

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Keep in mind that you are switching from a LTS to STS release then. So more LCM is required to be on a supported version: Long Term vs Short Term Support Releases, LTS vs STS


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I missed that it was an STS release.  I’ll keep waiting for the LTS.