Unable to retrieve CVM from v2 / v3 API

  • 6 July 2021
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We’ve been recently exploring upgrading some code that interfaces with our Nutanix prism element from the v1 API to v3 and we are having issues retrieving the CVM from the v2 or v3 of the API.

Looking at the response from the: /vms/ call on the v1 API we receive 10 total entries which include our CVM:

v1 vms API result
v1 vms CVM result

Yet when we make the equivalent API call on versions 2 or 3 we are only receiving 9 entries back and the result set does not contain the CVM:

v2 vms API result
v3 vms API result

After searching through the API documentation nothing immediately stands out as an appropriate endpoint to get the CVM.  My question then is how do we retrieve the CVM when using the v3 or v2 API?


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@Lucas Anderson Unfortunately getting CVM info via v2/v3 rest API /vms/ call is not implemented as of yet and that’s the reason as to why you are unable to retrieve CVM info from these API calls. Currently, only guest user VMs can be retrieved from the v2/v3 vms/ API call. Our ENG team is currently working on getting this feature added in v2/v3 API calls but it is not implemented till now.