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  • 3 August 2023
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I have some questions about RF. Support we have a 5 node RF:2 cluster with ESXi virutalization tech. We want to let 2 VMs are only running on 2 nodes(Use affinity rule).

My questions: 

  1. For my understanding, there will be one local copy on these 2 nodes. And because of the design, VMs could contact local CVMs to access local copy. So the performance is good.
  2. But if this node is down, the remote copy may be in another 3 nodes. Will the performance become worse because we lost the access the path to access local copy?

Thank you very much!


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The short answer is not exactly, 

Long answer, as part of data locality the first copy is local while second copy is distributed across cluster, When a node fails and VM restarts on another node, the data rebuild will start immediately and as IO happens the data will be cached in background and data locality is maintained.

More you can read in Nutanix Bible at following link