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  • 7 April 2020
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What is Prism Central?

Prism Central is a Multi-cluster manager responsible for managing multiple Acropolis Clusters to provide a single, centralized management interface. Prism Central is an optional software appliance (VM) which can be deployed in addition to the Acropolis Cluster (can run on it).

How to access Prism Central?

Prism Central can be accessed using the IP address specified during configuration or corresponding DNS entry.


The figure shows an image illustrating the conceptual relationship between Prism Central and Prism Element:


Here is a brief explanations about each of the main pages in Prism Central UI:

  • Home Page: Environment wide monitoring dashboard including detailed information on service status, capacity planning, performance, tasks, etc.  To get further information on any of them you can click on the item of interest.
  • Virtual Infrastructure: Virtual entities (e.g. VMs, containers, Images, categories, etc.)
  • Policies: Policy management and creation (e.g. security (FLOW), Protection (Backup/Replication), Recovery (DR), NGT)
  • Hardware: Physical devices management (e.g. clusters, hosts, disks, GPU)
  • Activity: Environment wide alerts, events and tasks
  • Operations: Operations dashboards, reporting and actions (X-Play)
  • Administration: Environment construct management (e.g. users, groups, roles, availability zones)
  • Services: Add-on service management (e.g. Calm, Karbon)
  • Settings: Prism Central configuration

For a list and description of major topics, see Help Organization.

For help in viewing this documentation, see Accessing Online Help.

For the full documentation check out the Prism Central Guide.

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