Nutanix Customer Support Services

  • 15 October 2019
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Nutanix provides customer support services in several ways:

  • The Pulse feature sends diagnostic data from customer clusters to Nutanix Support on a regular schedule. This enables Nutanix to deliver proactive, context-aware support to customers, monitor customer clusters and provide assistance when, or even before, a problem occurs. This data collection is anonymized, securely transmitted, has no effect on system performance and only basic system-level data needed to monitor the health and status of the cluster are collected.

    The Pulse framework also allows Nutanix Support Engineers to remotely collect logs from customer clusters on demand with customer approval but without needing assistance from the customer. This saves time in the data gathering stage of the troubleshooting process. Instead of asking the customer to run commands and send the output, which could go back and forth several times, the Support Engineers can just collect the logs themselves via the connection provided by Pulse. This speeds up troubleshooting and resolution of the problem.

    The data gathered by Pulse also gives Support Engineers a timeline of the history of changes performed on customer hardware so they could know what has already been done before. This helps the troubleshooting process by providing previous historical information about the hardware, such as how many times a disk has been replaced, what the hardware looks like when it left the factory, what the hardware looks like now so as to ship the correct replacement part.

    For more information on Pulse, see the following links:
  • Alerts are event driven and send basic information to Nutanix Support such as a copy of the alerting even along with some variables to identify the event, and description of the problem. This enables Support Engineers to proactively troubleshoot and diagnose the cause of an alert. Certain critical alerts will also automatically create a support case.
  • Nutanix Support maintains a portal that you can access to request assistance by creating a support case, download various product updates and view documentation. This portal is located at

    To create your very own account on the portal, go to the portal home page and click “Sign up now”.

    For more information on the portal, see Accessing the Nutanix Support Portal.
  • Customers can also create a support case directly from Prism Central. See Creating a Support Case.

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