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  • 17 April 2020
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We all know that Virtual IP is used to access the Prism web console. It is also referred to as the external IP address of the cluster.

Cluster virtual IP is mapped to the CVM which is the Prism service leader. Every time a new leader is elected the virtual IP is transferred to the new leader CVM, ensuring Prism Element availability.

The NCC health check virtual_ip_check verifies if the cluster virtual IP is configured and reachable. It is scheduled to run every hour, by default and will generate an alert after 1 failure.

To manually verify virtual IP settings in the Prism web console.

  1. Click the cluster name in the main menu of the Prism web console dashboard.

  2. In the Cluster Details pop-up window, check that a Cluster Virtual IP is configured and is correct.

  3. Check if the virtual IP configured is in the same subnet as the CVM IP.

The settings can also be accessed from CLI. Have a  read about this check and the scenarios where it can throw alerts

Any Nutanix feature that uses Cluster virtual IP will be affected if you change it. Take a look at the document:


Did you know?

You can also access the Prism Element web console using any CVM IP. Try it out.

Have any questions, drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.

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