Interested in a container based application? (Kubernetes)

  • 17 February 2020
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Let's say that you decided to adopt the Container Deployment approach by deploying a Kubernetes cluster, here is a brief explanation about Kubernetes and it's integration with Nutanix.

Karbon orchestrates Kubernetes clusters to simplify the provisioning and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes packages applications in their own dedicated containers together with all of the required operational components for running the application.

Containers , which run inside of pods on top of nodes, are the core building block of Kubernetes architecture.

Containerized applications are simple to manage, easy to deploy, and portable as they are abstracted from the OS of the host. Since different containers share an operational kernel, they do not require as much compute capacity as a VM, making them "lightweight".

Using Karbon to manage Kubernetes operations requires a basic familiarity with key Kubernetes concepts.

I made this diagram to illustrate a Kubernetes-Nutanix flow:

For more information check out my previous post about Karbon and the documentation in our portal :Karbon-v2.0

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