How to Grant Prism Administrators Access to CVMs through SSH ?

  • 12 June 2020
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Currently we are working on a project that requires couple of Admins to SSH into a CVM to execute some commands. 

The problem we are running into is that only the Nutanix\Admin default account can actually SSH  into CVMs. Other non-default admin accounts (Cluster Admin) can do everything in Prism but are denied access when they try to SSH.

Do The non-default admins need additional permissions\configurations to be able to SSH into CVMs ?


Best answer by Neel Kotak 16 June 2020, 14:47

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6 replies

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At this point in time SSH access to the CVM is limited to the user “nutanix” and “admin” as Nutanix doesn’t recommend any other user to have access to the CVMs for security reasons.


Even the “admin” user is not enabled to perform any cluster operation via ssh. This how by design is.


Cluster Admin user can have the full access of the Prism but not to the CVM


May I know why you need other admin user  to access the CVM? What is your end goal?



Thank you Neel, that is what my research have yielded so far as well. 

We are in the process of migrating VHDXs (Gen2 VMs) from our old HyperV cluster to our new Nutanix cluster and as a part of the process we are setting the UEFI flag to true by SSH into a CVM.

Since more than one person is working on the migration, we thought it might be more efficient if other admins can set the UEFI Flag as they go through the VHDX migration process and creating the “new” VMs, instead of queuing the task for one person to do.

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Are you using Nutanix Move to migrate the VMs from old Hyper V to Nutaxnix AHV cluster? If yes, what is the Move version?


May I know the Windows version installed on the Gen2VM? and Windows Version on the host?


“nutanix” user can have multiple sessions at the same time for the CVM so is it not possible to share the credentials of the “nutanix” user with other people?



We are not using Nutanix Move, we currently Prep, VHDX migration, VM Creation, and post migration steps manually. Using Move sounds like a good Idea now that it support Hyper-V.

The VMs that require UEFI flag are mostly Server 2016, the HV cluster is 2016 as well.

It’s possible to share credentials but I’d rather not for security and accountability. 

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I would encourage to use Nutanix Move to migrate the VM from Hyper V to Nutanix AHV. Here is the guide for Nutanix Move 3.5

If you face any further issue with Nutanix Move feel free to reach out to us...


Thank you Neel.