How to Find the iSCSI Data Services IP Address CVM Owner

  • 26 February 2021
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The iSCSI Data Services IP address is used to provide iSCSI access to the cluster storage. It is primarily used by Nutanix Volumes, but is also leveraged by other products such as Calm, Leap, Karbon, Objects and Files. This IP address is owned by one CVM of a cluster at a time, with ownership changing among the CVMs as needed to ensure that it is always available. To note, the iSCSI Data Services IP address CVM owner does not necessarily correlate with the CVM that currently maintains Prism service leadership.

To find the current CVM acting as the iSCSI Data Services IP address owner, simply obtain the IP address output from all of the CVMs (generally by using the “allssh ifconfig” command) and verify which CVM reports as having this address. To find when a ownership change has occurred, the Stargate service logs from each CVM can be filtered for entries regarding “eth0:2”.

You can find more information regarding the iSCSI Data Services IP Address from the Nutanix Volumes Guide along with the procedures for configuring it from the Modifying Cluster Details section of the Prism Web Console Guide.

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