How to destroy a Multi node cluster?

  • 11 March 2019
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"cluster -f destroy" does not help.

This is a new cluster, but during one click ESXi upgrade, tasks for stuck and now nothing can happen. I am fed up with tasks getting stuck and not completing, I would like to destroy the cluster and individually update ESXi on each node. We are runing XC740xd-12

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4 replies

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Hi @SankarArumugam

Is this for Nutanix community edition or the paid Nutanix product. If this is for the paid version it might be best to open a support ticket and get to root cause - it might be a simple thing. Let me know and I can move this to the right forum. Thanks
Hey @aluciani, thank you. This is paid version, its a pain to call up Dell Support and then engage Nutanix for the Dell XC Nodes, there is no online option to open tickets and the round about takes a really long time. We are running AOS5.10, I am going to try another option to try to destroy the cluster. Thank you!!
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@SankarArumugam Use Dell TechDirect to open tickets.
This eases some of the pain. 🙂
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@SankarArumugam I hope you have managed to touch base with Nutanix Support by now. However, if you are still concerned about this issue, below are steps to help. 


1- Make sure this is not a production system running VMs in the cluster as these steps can cause “data loss”.   The steps 2 and 3 may be skipped depending on you have licensed the cluster or have “encrypted disks” in the cluster.

2- Reclaim Licenses if possible in present state of the  cluster

    nutanix@cvm$  ncli -h true

    nutanix@cvm$ $ ncli license reset license

3- Check if the cluster has SED disks that are encrypted:

    nutanix@cvm$ ncli data-at-rest-encryption get-status  | grep Protection

The output should say “disable”

4- Change to Nutanix directory:

    nutanix@cvm$  cd /home/nutanix

5- Create .node_unconfigure file in the above directory

     nutanix@cvm$ touch .node_unconfigure

6- Restart genesis; this step will wipe all cluster data from the node

    nutanix@cvm$ genesis restart

Repeat steps 3 through 6 on all nodes in the cluster.


Hope this helps.