How to create ticket with Nutanix for IBM Power Node

  • 6 August 2020
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Dear Team,

 I purchased 3 node IBM Power node running with AOS.

Once i am trying to create ticket with Nutanix they said raise ticket with IBM vendor but i couldn’t understand if the Issue with AHV then why i should log ticket with IBM?

IBM vendor Only responsible for hardware issue.

Please suggest anyone how to register the ticket IN kuwait region if customer having IBM power Node with nutanix native AHV.


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Hi @Chandan Kumar 

Call IBM first who will triage if it is a hardware or software concern

Reach out to your SE for more support and contact,

Additionally, you can check with Nutanix Support team for TSANet case whether it is possible to raise it or not, Nutanix Support will drive all Nutanix software-related issues to resolution, while the hardware platform provider is responsible for resolving all hardware-related issues.

If during a discussion with the customer it is determined that the problem lies with the hardware, Nutanix Support will initiate a support case with the hardware platform provider via TSANet

“TSANet is the world’s largest multi-vendor support community and includes members such as Cisco, Citrix, Dell EMC, Docker, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Intel, Juniper and VMware among hundreds of others. The TSANet framework is designed to reduce friction for customers in situations where multi-vendor support may be necessary.”


In gulf region customer can’t contact IBM directly. We purchased IBM box with local Kuwait company. My concern is that when i am trying to register ticket with Nutanix for software support they asked IBM ticket ID. Here IBM distributor said there is no hardware issue so why logged the ticket with IBM.

In my opinion 1st nutanix should raise the ticket if software issue why nutanix need IBM ticket ID?

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To Avoid this problem , We have a very good support system , Reach out to Nutanix for TSANet ticket and highlight that IBM has declined your case that said There is no issue in hardware 

Hope you have a Nutanix SE assigned to your account, talk to him for an assistance 


Ok thanks i will try now...

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Try and Let me know if that helps you ,

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Hi @Chandan Kumar , If you have software-only license with Nutanix then you are entitled to open a case with Nutanix directly. Else you have to go through the hardware vendor for all issues. Once the hardware vendor isolate the issue with software, they can open a case with Nutanix.