Handling AWS Health Notifications

  • 2 October 2020
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Nutanix Clusters Console receives the results of the status checks performed by AWS to see the status of the instances.Status checks on AWS are performed every minute, returning a pass or a fail status. If all checks pass, the overall status of the instance is OK. If one or more checks fail, the overall status is impaired. 

There are two types of status checks, system status checks, and instance status checks. System status checks monitor the AWS systems on which instance runs. Instance status checks monitor the software and network configuration of individual instances.If Nutanix Orchestrator detects that AWS has marked system status or instance status of an instance impaired, following WARNING message will be seen in the Notification Center of the Nutanix Clusters Console:

More information on - http://portal.nutanix.com/9704


What does Nutanix Cluster On AWS mean :- Nutanix Clusters provides a single platform that can span private and public clouds but operates as a single cloud using Prism Central enabling true hybrid cloud architecture.





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