Expanding (Scale Out) Prism Central

  • 28 August 2020
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Do you know you can expand Prism central VM from one to three instances to support moreworkloads?

If Prism Central is running on a single VM currently, you can expand it to three VMs. This increases both capacity and resiliency of Prism Central (at the cost of maintaining two additional VMs). 


To scale-out Prism Central instance across multiple VMs, we can follow steps below:


  1. Click Gear icon and then select Prism Central Management from Settings menu
  2. Manage Prism Central page appears which provides information about Prism Central Instance. 
  3. To expand Prism Central instance from one to three VMs, click the Scale Out PC button to display the Scale Out PC page and do the following:

    Here are requirementswhich must be met before you can expand Prism Central or add a Prism Central VM.

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