Expand Cluster with Nodes with Higher NIC SPEED (25 GBPS)

  • 9 October 2023
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Hello Nutanix Community,

I want to ask if it's possible to expand a NUTANIX cluster of four nodes (10 GBPS nic speed each nodes) with two new servers that they run at higher nic speed ( 25 GBPS nic speed).  

Could this cause some kind of latency between the CVM-to-CVM communication? 



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3 replies

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Hope you’re well.

This is a good question, and something which I think will start to happen more and more as newer hardware with faster NICs arrive.

The Nutanix recommendationis to not mix speeds or drivers within a bond (i.e. within a host) so having 4 hosts on 10Gbps and 2 more hosts on 25Gbps doesn’t break that recommendation.

There are practicalities to consider however, you should ensure that your workload currently remains well below the 10Gbps ‘limit’ you currently have to be comfortable that you’re not suddenly moving into a new world where 15Gbps would become a better limit and your older servers at 10Gbps would become a problem.

Good monitoring is key here, and if you’re unsure you could limit your 25Gbps NICs to 10Gbps for a bit more consistency.






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Hello Kim!

Thanks a lot for your reply, Now Im going to expand the cluster verifying that the connection speed remains at 10 GBPS all over components of the cluster network.

Regards. ​​​​​​

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Good luck have a good one :)