Error removing ISO on Nutanix: "Attribute app blueprint template not set

  • 31 March 2022
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I have an issue when i try to remove an image of an ISO on my Nutanix :

attribute app blueprint template not set

Could you help me to remove this ISO please?



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1.) Click on the Admin drop down (top right of Prism)

2.) Select MGMT API Explorer (will open new browser tab)

3.) Click on /images to expand, then click on blue "Get" to expand

4.) Click on "Try It Out", you will get the result below in Yellow

5.) Find the image you want to delete and copy the uuid from the results

6.) Scroll down and find the red "Delete" under /images

7.) Scroll down to the bottom of "Delete" and paste the uuid where the (required) value is.

8.) Click on "Try it Out".

Hi Mswasif,

Thanks for your reply.

I have an error on step 4 :

"api_version": "3.1",
"code": 400,
"kind": "image",
"message_list": [
"message": "Invalid UUID passed. SCCM-V2107-NUTANIX.iso",
"reason": "INVALID_UUID"
"state": "ERROR"

Thanks !


I tried this and get `DELETE_PENDING`, which i assume to mean “success”, but when i navigate back to the Images list, i see the same alert icon with the same message, “Attribute _app_blueprint_template not set”, and the image is not deleted.

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Are you running Calm in this environment, and is this on Community Edition or Release edition?   If you are running Calm, what release of Calm?   

There is a known issue where this can occur in pre-Calm 3.3 revisions, if this is on the Release edition of Nutanix and not CE, please open a case and reference KB-11594

Looks like i’m running Calm v3.6.0, pc.2022.6.0.9

All of the licenses appear to be “Pro”, and we’re definitely not utilizing them fully.

I know it’s a few versions behind but I’m not the main owner of this system, and I don’t have confidence that i understand all the infrastructure details yet to attempt an upgrade.


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I would definitely open up a case with support, they should be able to get this resolved quickly and will want to see why this is occurring post 3.3

thank you, i’ve opened a ticket!