Data Replication page in prism shows "processing" for some or all snapshots even after they are completed

  • 6 December 2019
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If you are replicating data through DR (Data Replication page in Prism), then you have setup schedules for snapshots so they can be copied to the remote site on scheduled time.

When you select a “snapshot” filed in one of the protection domains you created in the Prism UI, one of the fields is “Reclaimable space”. You may observe an spinning wheel continuously and the word “processing” on this filed for some or all snapshots, but you may also notice that snapshot(s) has already been taken and done.  So why the spinning wheel for this filed?

This field is lazy-calculated by Curator during full scans and populated afterward, so it takes sometime (may be few hours) to show up. Until Curator finishes calculating the value, the field shows Processing in Prism.

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