CVM maintenance and Host maintenance

  • 19 February 2020
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Every architecture remains stable due to scheduled maintenance, in which we might need to shutdown the node or CVM to increase memory, replace network adapters or just some planned maintenance activity. 


In Nutanix, we have heard the term “CVM maintenance mode”.


So what does it mean? 

Why do we need to put the CVM in maintenance mode if we are thinking of bringing down the CVM? 


All the CVMs in the cluster interact with each other using microservices handling the cluster stability, we need to inform the cluster if a CVM is going down and shutdown all the services in the CVM gracefully before shutting down the CVM. 

To make a CVM not part of any active storage and metadata connection, we enable maintenance mode in the CVM.


So what is host maintenance mode?  

Host maintenance mode is used to safely migrate all the User Virtual VMs in the host and make sure NO VMs are running on the Node.

If a VM can’t be migrated to another host, you need to shutdown the VM for the host to enter into maintenance mode. 


So the query we all have been waiting for!


How can we enable maintenance mode for the CVM and the host? 


Please go through the KB to understand the workflow of enabling maintenance mode for the CVM and the host




Should we make sure of anything before entering maintenance mode?

YES !!!!!!!

Please check cluster status and resiliency before proceeding. You can only place one node in maintenance mode for each cluster.​


Have questions regarding the process?

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